5 March 2017

Composer Birthdays

One of the best ways to discover new composers and their music is to see who was born on a particular day. You might look who was born today, pick one or two of the composers, and listen to some of their music sometime during the day. It is a great way to get familiar with the music of composers whose names you have heard, but whose music you have never listened to. If you know of someone that was missed or have a correction, please let us know at suggestions@composerbirthdays.com.

This site lists birthdays of over 8,000 classical & film composers from earliest times to the present, with an average of 21 composers for every day of the year.

Click the months in the title bar to see the lists of birthdays.


With some earlier composers, a birth date cannot be determined, so their baptismal date has been used.

If no specific date is known, that composer is not included.

Each name is a link to that composer’s website or Wikipedia article, which provides biographical information, pictures, lists of compositions, and links to official websites, sheet music collections, references, etc.